Look forward to meals like these

How I make diet plans

Here are some examples of meals you'll get when you're on my team.
I'll use our start-up conversation to figure out what kind of meals you like and if you have any allergies.
I'll create the perfect diet plan that suits you, based on your information!


Overnight Oats - 460 calories
Topped with banana, almonds, chocolate and peanut butter. Made with oats, chia seeds, vanilla soymilk and vanilla sugar (or vanilla extract)


Wrap with low fat tuna salad - 518 calories
The tuna salad is made with cottage cheese, corn, bell pepper and avocado. Top with fresh cream or herb dressing.

I usually eat this for dinner and save the rest for lunch the day after.


Low fat spaghetti carbonara - 730 calories
This carbonara is made with turkey bacon and chicken. It's a healthier alternative than the original carbonara and tastes just as good - if not better!

You can eat whatever you like when you're on my team. Let me know your cravings - I'll make sure that you're satisfied without overeating or consuming too many calories. Examples on snacks could be bananas, rice crackers, protein shakes, smoothies etc.